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Dog Training

Our Board & Train Programs are our most popular training programs.  They take the “legwork” out of the training for the owner and only require maintenance of the training once a dog returns home.

Puppy Training

Our Puppy Classes help you teach your puppy desired behavior….at the best time in your puppy’s life!

Specialty Training

We offer the following specialized dog training:





All program prices include (1) leather leash and (1) training collar that can be exchanged due to dog growth.

We offer FREE consultations where our trainer will come to your home to discuss training with you and recommend the most suitable program for your puppy or dog.

Because dogs are living creatures, they cannot be “programmed”. Training must be “maintained” at home by the owners on a regular basis.

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On The River

Where would you like to go with your well-behaved dog trained by Canine Revolution?
On the river?

A friend’s house

Where would you like to go with your well-behaved dog trained by Canine Revolution?
A friend’s house?

Your local park

Where would you like to go with your well-behaved dog trained by Canine Revolution?
Your local park?

Dog Training Graduate - Nonverbal Commands

Your Favorite Beach

Where would you like to go with your well-behaved dog trained by Canine Revolution?
Your favorite beach?

Your favorite restaurant

Where would you like to go with your well-behaved dog trained by Canine Revolution?
Your favorite restaurant?

Meet Chad Singer

Chad’s mission is to help as many dog owners truly enhance their relationship with their dogs despite the issues that they may be experiencing.

We are so thankful for Chad and Chris and the wonderful job they did training our Cane Corso, Hank. Our lives were so chaotic trying to manage our days with work, kids, a multi-pet household, and most of all, our out of control Hank. I had honestly given up on ever being able to walk him on a leash, have visitors over without locking him in our bedroom, or having anything delivered without making sure he was distracted in another room in his kennel. After his six weeks of training, we cannot believe the difference. It’s truly changed our lives. Hank can finally really be “a part of our family”. My three year old even said “Hank is a good doggie now!”. My kids can now play with him, the other pets can actually sit in the same room as him, and we all finally get to spend time with him, and just enjoy being around him now that he is calmer, and more well behaved. He truly seems like such a happy dog since being trained and our lives are so much less chaotic. I can’t say enough great things about what they have done for Hank, and in turn, our family as a whole. Sarah Linden

Canine Revolution is amazing. My wife and I used Chad after researching several dog training programs for our little boy Scout. From the beginning Chad made us feel like family and you could see the passion he has for animals. He ensures that not only is your pup well prepared after graduating but that you are as well. His follow-up sessions and group classes are fanatic to continue building the pack leadership skills. Scout and I can’t thank Chad and his family enough and are happy to be called CRDT alumni! Matt Lacy

Chad is the best. Made me feel comfortable knowing that he would take care of my baby and teach my puppy everything she needed to be a great companion. Chrystal Thompson

Dog Training

Board & Train Program

Every Canine Revolution Dog Training Board & Train Program includes group classes to strengthen your relationship.

Private Lesson Program graduates may also attend group classes once they have completed their heavy distraction work lesson.

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#TrainingTipTuesday In today's Training Tip we discuss Verbal Markers to use when communicating with your dog. Use these markers to improve your day to day life with your dog! ... See MoreSee Less

Focus and adherence from your dog are crucial so that you can take your dog with you anywhere. Check out BB, a graduate of our Advanced (Off-Leash) Training Program.

SEE the difference.
LIVE the difference.
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Love the off leash part! 😄

Thank you guys BB has been such a better dog. Not only for my wife but for me as well.

How awesome!!

Thats fantastic. Can't wait for Finnley to visit you guys in a few weeks

Omg the ducks !! How good is that !!!

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3 days ago

Canine Revolution Dog Training

We had a great group class today with our alumni working on “engagement” with our dogs. Engagement is building up sustained eye contact and focus with our dog despite the distractions around us. We can use engagement in our obedience work to calm down an over excited dog and teach our dogs how to channel and focus their energy on us.

Join the revolution! #caninerevolutiondogtrainingDogs and their owners that have graduated from one of our board and train programs have access to our free monthly group classes!
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Sorry to those I didn’t manage to get pictures of! Loved seeing you guys!

So nice to see ghost and his new owner keeping up with everything! He looks so happy and focused ❤

Coffee with Chad & Chris
Dog Training & Dog Behavior Q&A #7
-How do I pick the right dog for my family?
-How can I teach my dog structure and set expectations?

Submit your questions in the comments below!
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1 week ago

Canine Revolution Dog Training

Have you heard the story?

Happy Halloween from Canine Revolution Dog Training!
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You guys are hilarious..

JoJo finally gets to go crazy 😂 this is great


You guys are too much😁

Too much, 😁

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