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Our Board & Train Programs are our most popular training programs. They take the “legwork” out of the training for the owner and only require maintenance of the training once a dog returns home.


Our Puppy Classes help you teach your puppy desired behavior…. at the best time in your puppy’s life!


Our Specialty Retrieval Program is suitable for potential service dogs, sport dogs with a formal retrieve, or hunting dogs.

Dog Training



This program will cover the basis of everything you need with your relationship with your dog from precise obedience training, house manners, manners in the vehicle, doorway manners, basic socialization, and proofing all obedience and behaviors in distraction.


The Advanced Training Program includes everything in the Basic Training Program with the addition of precise obedience behaviors Off Leash, usage of the hands-free leash, advanced levels of socialization, proofing all training in serious distractions, and includes a superior support system for you and your dog for the life of your dog. Basic Training is NOT a prerequisite for Advanced Training.


Once your dog has completed the Advanced Training Program they may be eligible for Specialty Training: Protection Training, Retrieval Training, and Emotional Support Animal.


Sarah Linden

"We are so thankful for Chad and Chris and the wonderful job they did training our Cane Corso, Hank. Our lives were so chaotic trying to manage our days with work, kids, a multi-pet household, and most of all, our out of control Hank. I had honestly given up on ever being able to walk him on a leash, have visitors over without locking him in our bedroom, or having anything delivered without making sure he was distracted in another room in his kennel. After his six weeks of training, we cannot believe the difference. It’s truly changed our lives."

Chrystal Thompson

"Chad is the best. Made me feel comfortable knowing that he would take care of my baby and teach my puppy everything she needed to be a great companion."

Matt Lacy

"Canine Revolution is amazing. My wife and I used Chad after researching several dog training programs for our little boy Scout. From the beginning Chad made us feel like family and you could see the passion he has for animals. He ensures that not only is your pup well prepared after graduating but that you are as well. His follow-up sessions and group classes are fanatic to continue building the pack leadership skills. Scout and I can't thank Chad and his family enough and are happy to be called CRDT alumni!"

Alex Paavel

"Canine Revolution Dog Training is the BEST way to go! We went with CRDT due to the multiple programs offered, professionalism of Chad (and Chris), the follow-up lessons, and the classes offered on weekends! They also have weekly videos posted on social media where Alumni can ask questions and received feedback! We love the classes since it's a great way for our dog to socialize with other dogs and people! The CRDT team is very prompt in responding to any questions or issues that arise.

Go ahead and save yourself the hassle of having Canine Revolution Dog Training fix the "Other Trainer's" lack of customer care and give CRDT a call! You won't find a team that cares for you and your pet as much as they do!"


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