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Take your relationship with your dog to the
next level with our in-depth online resource


Exclusive Training Videos

Marking & Communications

How to communicate with your dog in a very simple way that they can easily understand


Taking the focus you have built with your dog to the next level


How to sharpen up and maintain a proper Heel position


How to maintain and improve your Recall / Come behavior


Maintaining and improving your Spot command

Socialization & Distraction Work

Socialization is providing our dog with positive experiences in proximity to new people, places, and things. Distraction Work is proofing our training in a variety of environments

Building Focus

How to achieve superior levels of focus from your dog


What to do when your dog disobeys you or makes bad decisions


Maintaining and improving upon your Down – Stay

Entry Exit

Applying entry and exit protocols to both building doorways and vehicle doorways


A discussion on how to manage and live with your dog day-to-day

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