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In today's Training Tip we discuss how to turn your dog wearing a muzzle, into a good experience. ... See MoreSee Less

Whether BIG or small, size plays no role when you join the Revolution! ... See MoreSee Less

Whether crate training, aggression, or excessive energy...

Join the Revolution and you can live the dog owner's dream!
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I can't believe that's Rosie walking on the battery. I gave you an aggressive, crazy dog who was not able to walk in public with us. She'd go absolutely crazy and turn vicious seeing any person, animal or thing coming near us. You've trained her to be a well behaved, socialized dog, and now we both enjoy our walks together! Thank you Chad and staff: you've changed our family's life and dynamic forever!!!

Wow Ben this is awesome

In today's Training Tip Tuesday we discuss how to walk two dogs together. If you have two pack members, use this training tip! ... See MoreSee Less


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Love your training videos

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