Behavior Modification Training Videos

Behavior Modification Training Program: Previous Insecurity/Aggression

Buddy entered the Behavior Modification Training Program as an insecure dog. This insecurity also lead to his aggressions, specifically against big men, runners, people on bikes, and anyone who tried to pet him. Through his training, Buddy gained the confidence he needed to tolerate his insecurities through the leadership his owners are able to provide.

Behavior Modification Program: Jerry

Jerry entered into our Behavior Modification Program in order to rehabilitate his aggression, extreme insecurity, and fear biting. Before training, Jerry was known to bite anyone other than his owners, could not be trusted around children, and would not obey any obedience commands. Through his successful rehabilitation, Jerry has learned to trust in the pack structure and respect his owners as pack leaders. GREAT work Jerry!

Advanced Training Program Videos

Advanced Training Program: BO
Bo entered our advanced training program as a hyperactive and anxious guy. Through the pack structure, he has learned how to channel his hyperactive energy into obedience commands and reduce his anxiety in order to gain confidence and respect/trust in his owners. Great job Bo!
Advanced Training Program: DEMI
Demi enrolled in Canine Revolution Dog Training’s Advanced Training Program with high levels of anxiety and EXTREMELY STRONG LEASH PULLING! Congrats to her on a successful graduation where she can now walk next to her owner on a loose leash, or off-leash, and has reduced her anxiety to allow her to calm down despite the distractions around her.
Advanced Training Program: Rosie Calhoun
Rosie entered our advanced training program with anxiety and insecurity. Through the pack structure, she has learned how to remain calm and trust in her owner. Great job Rosie!
Advanced Training Program: Lab Mix
After entering the Advanced Training Program as an anxious leash puller with moderate dog aggression, Beau learned to walk by his handler’s side and that there was no need to react to any dog.

Additional Training Videos

Leash Handling Grips
This video provides step-by-step instructions for leash grips in the Canine Revolution Dog Training system for reference by currently enrolled students and alumni.

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