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No matter the size of the distracting enviroment around you, whether big or small, your dog being calm and confident next to you is always a guarantee.

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Highly recommend!

Lead Dog Trainer, Chad, discusses how to properly create and structure a potty schedule for your puppy that will give you success. | Clip taken from Canine Revolution Radio Episode #2 ... See MoreSee Less


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I started hand feeding Elsa as a puppy and did that for 2 months. And now she eats with the crew or I have her eat in her crate. But I always make them perform a command and wait before I allow them to eat. Elsa isn't perfect, and still gets corrections, but the other two wait until all bowls are down before I release them to eat..

Two Dogs + One Handler = No Problem.

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very interested in working with you all. do you offer the option to come and observe a training session?

Becket & I walk same route & people always love him. Especially Donnie at This little Piggy♥️🐕

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