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Charleston’s Top 5 Local Dog Friendly Restaurants

Written by

Chad Singer

Written by

Chad Singer

Chad’s mission is to help as many dog owners truly enhance their relationship with their dogs despite the issues that they may be experiencing.

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Socialization and distraction work are key elements of training and help maintain the training as well.  These sessions provide an abundance of mental stimulation and generalize the obedience to all areas with your dog.  The more places that we take our dogs, the more fluid the obedience and focus will be.  Today we’re going to talk about the top 5 local dog friendly restaurants that we enjoy going to for these sessions.  Strictly business of course.

#5:  Moe’s Southwest Grill

Coming in hot at number 5 we have “WELCOME TO MOE’S” southwest grill.  This particular one is located in Azalea Square in Summerville.  It comes complete with a huge patio right in the middle of a shopping center which provides excellent distraction work as you have your dog maintain a down stay while you go to town on a Joey bag of donuts. 

Not only do you have traffic from the shopping center but there is also a main door leading into the restaurant that provides excellent foot traffic.  This patio comes complete with a roof that shelters you from the elements and helps keep your dog cool.

#4:  Dog and Duck

At number 4 we have Dog and Duck, another great place for distraction work and a fresh peanut butter burger.  Sounds weird I know, don’t knock it until you try it.  Located at the end of a busy strip of various stores and restaurants this place is sure to knock out some distraction work with foot and vehicle traffic alike. 

Known for being dog friendly you can expect to meet some four legged companions in this outside dining area.  It is covered as well and comes complete with an outside bar if you’re into that.  The staff is very friendly and always a bit disappointed if we have a particular dog that we can’t allow them to pet.  This is a very popular restaurant, so go early to get a table!

#3:  Taco Boy

Located in the heart of Nexton and Downtown Charleston coming in at number 3 we have Taco Boy.  I actually never ate here prior to having to do distraction work as a part of training, I will tell you though I have been missing out!  Delicious food and an extremely busy environment during spring and summer. 

With both locations, you have a mixture of tourists and locals alike flocking to these patios for breezy days and good vibes.  In the Nexton location, they are still working on the outside patio so you are exposed to the elements a bit, keep that in mind if it’s an especially warm day so that you can protect your pup.  

#2:  Sapphire’s

Coming in at number 2 is my very biased opinion.  Sapphire’s is a smaller bar / restaurant that has some of the best food hands down in this area.  They have a smaller patio and are extremely busy so this may be more of an advanced session.  The patio itself leads to the main doors, so you’re sure to have a lot of foot traffic and this location is right in the middle of a shopping center near a street. 

You have everything from loud noises, heavy pedestrian traffic, shopping carts, animals, you name it.  Plus this place has the best wings in town, trust me I have searched far and wide to avoid the drive from my home to here, nobody comes close to this level of quality.  I have only taken my personal dogs there as it is a bit out of the way, but I do encourage you to venture out from wherever you live and give this place a try.  Mike if you’re listening / reading and you start getting busier after this podcast, I expect some wing samples.

#1: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

And finally coming in at number 1, we have our personal favorite Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar.  Located in Nexton right in the middle of the square surrounded by other restaurants and businesses – this is a sure place to provide some mental stimulation.  The staff is extremely friendly and dog obsessed. 

The top guy in charge at this location always comes out to greet us and see the dogs.  They have treats and a water station ready if your pup deserves some reinforcement or gets thirsty.  This is an extremely popular location with a tighter patio so you can expect a lot of foot traffic. 

If you come in a little later you can expect a wait as well but I promise you the food itself is worth it.  So while we are practicing our obedience in distraction-like environments feel free to reinforce yourself with some fried deviled eggs and a delicious buffalo burger.  Or in Chad’s case, at least 3 oreo milkshakes.

This wraps up our top 5 restaurants to go do our very necessary distraction work in.  Be sure to give these places a try if you haven’t already and always continue your dog’s education and level of training.  See you next time.

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