Canine Revolution Dog Training does not endorse the use of Off-Leash Training without Remote Collar Conditioning & Application.  This is due to the fact that dogs are not machines that can be programmed, they are living beings who we must have a relationship with in order to obtain the behavior we have asked of them.  Even with the most adherent dogs, we may experience competing motivators (distractions) that we are competing with for the dog’s attention.  This can be dangerous off-leash and a remote collar is a training tool that we can use to eliminate competing motivators, but ONLY through the proper conditioning AND application of the remote collar.  Canine Revolution Dog Training DOES NOT endorse the use of remote collars that are “cheaply” designed/made and also without thorough and appropriate conditioning.  Remote collar conditioning shall ONLY take place after the conditioning prerequisites have been accomplished by through teaching, training, and relationship building.