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How to enjoy a day at the beach with your dog

Written by

Chad Singer

Written by

Chad Singer

Chad’s mission is to help as many dog owners truly enhance their relationship with their dogs despite the issues that they may be experiencing.

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Most people enjoy the beach days of summer and a lot of dog owners like to take their dogs to the beach with them. Today we’re going to discuss how to enjoy a day at the beach with your dog!

We love taking our dogs places with us but we also like well-behaved dogs. This requires solid leadership from the dog owner.  If your dog won’t behave well at home or doesn’t listen to you and your expectations at home they certainly won’t do so out away from home. 

How to enjoy a day at the beach with your dog

So as a part of our discussion today we need to talk about how to prepare ourselves (and our dogs) for an enjoyable time at the beach together before we even get there!

Top 3 things to establish with your dog before you go out places like the beach:

  1. I like my dog to be able to “come” on command. This is for my dog’s safety and well being and also reduces a stressor for me, the dog owner.
  2. I like my dog to “stay” when asked. This is also for my dog’s safety and well being but also makes my day at the beach more enjoyable.  If I can ask my dog to “stay” and they will actually do it life becomes so much easier. Especially when a lot of different things are going on and lots of different people are around me.
  3. I like my dog to adhere to me and understand how to walk properly on a leash.  They don’t have to strictly “Heel” but walk on a loose leash.

Having these three items established makes my day at the beach with my dog (and other places as well) very enjoyable!

When I get to the beach I’m going to have to finagle getting out of my truck, collecting all of my beach items (cooler, drinks, tent, beach cart, fishing poles, food, sunscreen, etc) and getting my dog, and if you have kids getting your kids and all their stuff, getting everyone out of the truck all of the stuff out and getting ready to go on the beach itself.  This can be a hassle, but if your dog can calmly get out of your vehicle and perform a “down-stay” while you get everything else out life is a breeze!

So after you collect everything and get ready to walk onto the beach, all you have to do with your dog is casually grab their leash and let them know its okay to get up and start walking with you.  This is where your leash manners come in, it’s much easier to walk with a properly leash trained dog than a leash puller!  A leash puller causes a ton of extra stress for you and the tension generated from a leash puller could result in reactivity toward other people or dogs. 

Don’t let your dog be a leash puller!

Once you are on the beach itself, the “stay” becomes handy again, because you can easily ask your dog to “stay” as you set everything up, deal with the kids, maybe take a nap, or read a book.  Your dog can enjoy being in your company and the smells and sights of the beach.  When you want of course you can release your dog from the “stay”, let them play, swim, etc, but when that is done you can easily place them back into a “stay” position.

Leaving the beach would be the opposite of arriving, using your dog’s adherence and obedience to you to your advantage!

Training your dog to be well behaved and adhere to your expectations pays off anywhere and everywhere you like to go with them!

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  1. Brittany

    Some beaches prohibit dogs, some beaches allow dogs on leads and some beaches are totally open to dogs. In order to find out about potential restrictions at your beach of choice, check in with your local authority. If you are travelling then be sure to ask at your accommodation site or with the local authority in your new area. Taking a quick trip to the beach prior to going for the full day may also alert you to whether or not dogs are allowed as beach rules are usually signposted. Though dog owners may not agree with beach rules, they should remember that these rules are in place for a reason. For example, dogs may be prohibited at certain times because the beaches are too crowded or because marine life may be endangered. Dogs may be required to be on leads for the safety of beach animals such as birds or turtles or so that they do not scare other beach-goers. Dogs may be welcomed without restriction during certain hours, days or even months when there are less people around.


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