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Chad Singer

Chad Singer

Founder & Lead Trainer

Originally from Goose Creek, South Carolina, Chad graduated from The Citadel in 2013 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Upon graduation, he was commissioned into the United States Navy where he served as a Communications Officer in San Diego, CA and Detachment Officer-in-Charge in Coronado, CA.

While stationed in California, Chad and his wife, Lauren, brought Bane into their home as a puppy. Because of Bane’s energy levels, over-excitement, anxiety, and lack of listening, Chad became a dog trainer in San Diego, California where he learned and trained dogs for over one year. Upon resignation from active duty service, Chad moved back to the Charleston Lowcountry and started Canine Revolution Dog Training.

Chad’s mission is to help as many dog owners truly enhance their relationship with their dogs despite the issues that they may be experiencing.



Team Trainer

Originally from Summerville, South Carolina, Chris graduated from The Citadel in 2011 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, he served at the Summerville Police Department as a patrolman for several years. During his time at the police department, Chris additionally served on the Honor Guard and the Emergency Services Unit. He eventually left the Patrol Division in order to serve as a detective with the Criminal Investigations Division. Chris continues his service as a reserve officer with the Summerville Police Department.

Chris and his wife, Kelly, adopted Vader from the ASPCA several years ago. Due to Vader’s high levels of anxiety, and lack of pack structure, Vader began to exhibit behaviors that became dangerous to other dogs and eventually even for Chris and Kelly. Chris began working with Canine Revolution Dog Training along with Vader and developed a pack structure to address Vader’s anxiety. It was through this training that Chris developed a passion for dog training and a desire to help other dog owners overcome similar obstacles.

Chris and Kelly now have three dogs in their pack, Vader, Lola and Leia.

Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer

Customer Care Assistant

Originally from Williston, South Carolina, Lauren graduated from Charleston Southern University in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. After marrying Chad and moving to California in the United States Navy, Lauren discovered her passion of dog grooming and began grooming full-time in 2014.

Lauren has studied dog psychology and often assists with dog training. She is also extremely talented with social media and assists with customer care for Canine Revolution Dog Training.

Lauren’s goal is to assist dog owners in building the relationship they have with their dogs and also to promote excellent grooming care.

BEN Singer

BEN Singer


Originally from Goose Creek, South Carolina, Ben graduated from Tri-County Technical College in 2017 with a degree in Media Arts Production.

After graduating, Ben stepped into the freelance videography field where he expanded upon and developed his skill set.

Ben is joining Canine Revolution Dog Training to deliver high quality content for alumni, students, and supporters of CRDT.



Pack Member

Bane is the reason why Chad began dog training and started Canine Revolution Dog Training. He is a strong pack member and assists Chad with training dogs. Bane demonstrates all facets of the Canine Revolution Dog Training system and is often observed by dogs (and their owners) in training who learn from the strong pack environment.


Pack Member

Sarabi was adopted by Lauren during her time at Charleston Southern University and is also a strong pack member. Sarabi’s casual and relaxed energy often helps dog in training (and their owners) calm-down and learn efficiently in the strong pack environment.
From the Founder

Canine Revolution Dog Training is focused on enhancing the dog and owner relationship, so that all can “Live the dog owner’s dream”. Revolution is “a dramatic and wide-reaching change”. Our vision is to change the way that dogs are viewed and how they are treated to better align with their natural instincts. This is accomplished through training methods that are “Tried and True” including three main aspects: education, balance, and pack instincts.

Education is “information about or training in a particular field or subject”. Our method of training educates the dog on how to behave appropriately in a domestic environment and how to tolerate foreign behavior. Additionally, our training method educates the dog owner on how to understand the dog’s language (body language), understand the dog’s mental state, and utilize the dog’s natural instincts in order to become the pack leader.

Balance is “a condition in which different elements are in the correct proportions”. The Canine Revolution method of training uses a consistent and fair approach to dog training that simulates canine interaction in a natural dog pack. A balance of training also creates trust, loyalty, and respect with the dog and owner that strengthens their day-to-day interactions.

Pack Instincts are a dog’s “natural behaviors that are not trained or taught”. In order to utilize the dog’s natural pack instincts, we must create a pack structure. This is a major aspect of the Canine Revolution Dog Training method, creating a pack structure that simulates the natural dog pack, forming conditions for living in the pack, and that is easy for the dog owner to understand and maintain at home in order to successfully “lead the pack”.

At Canine Revolution Dog Training our commitment is to provide unmatched lifelong support for you and your dog. It is an honor to work with each and every dog and owner, and our desire is to interact with as many dogs and owners as possible to help both live a naturally happy, stress-free life together while revolutionizing the way that society views our beloved companions.

Chad Singer
Founder, Canine Revolution Dog Training

Canine Revolution

Our mission is to assist dog owners and enhance the relationship they have with their dogs!

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