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Chris and the gang have worked wonders with my Asher. Highly recommend!!! Well worth the money and a priceless investment!!!
kwame williams
kwame williams
I cannot say enough about Chad and his team for what they are doing to change the minds of dog owners. Baxter came to us from a 3 way broken home in less that 3 months. Anxiety through the roof, and just off the charts. Wife was about to give him back, when I said training will fix this. We reached out to Chad through our Vet services and pretty much the rest is history. Baxter and our bond is strong, and while he is not perfect, he has become a model family member and a true companion to his fullest ability. I love that the training doesn't stop at the exit plan with you. Weekend, and now one Weekday group outings to alumni to brush up on skills and work out trouble areas is invaluable. I highly recommend Chad and his team to fix whatever you need with your dog. Being able to manage and control your dog at any given moment is detrimental to not only the safety of others, but the safety of you and your dog.
Jon Gammon
Jon Gammon
Canine Revolution Dog Training gave me and my Belgian Malinois Roca a quality of life that we would've never had without the training. My Roca needed extensive training because she's very anxious, protective and was becoming aggressive towards adult humans and other animals. She's a very dominant female but with this training we have built a bond like never before. She's trusts me and follows the command structure. She also has massive amounts of energy and quite a high prey drive. She's much happier now that she can just be a dog. She loves to work and she's very busy and with the skills that have been instilled into her thru Chad and the family at Canine Revolution Dog Training. They genuinely care about the animals and the parents of the dog. They make it personal. We are all one big happy family. Anytime I have had a question or a crisis there's no question they make time to help out at anytime. I'm forever grateful that they have given us the tools and abilities to keep us together. I would refer Canine Revolution Dog Training to anyone looking to train your dog or dogs. There will not ever be anyone else to train my dogs but this very committed and dedicated company called Canine Revolution Dog Training. Hollywood should hire them... They're the absolute best!!
Audrey Munson
Audrey Munson
Chad is absolutely amazing! He is passionate about dogs and treats each one like they’re his own! His techniques are extremely effective and I would recommend Canine Revolution to all!!
Erika Lax
Erika Lax
Chad's training saved our family!! We were having issues with our dog Remi having extreme animal aggression, attacking her sister Raja to what appeared to us as "without reason or warning". Chad was patient and well versed as he trained US to see how the dogs' body language and behavior can be read to help prevent these instances. Before calling Chad, we had been in touch with many different dog trainers all promising the same thing, but no one felt right until we had our consultation with Chad. I immediately felt like I could trust him and his judgement, he never made me feel stupid or wrong he just confidently and calmly guides you to the answer. Chad is literally the only person in the world I trust with my dogs, I know he has any situation handled! We all feel so blessed to have met Chad and been through the revolution, I would (and do) recommend Chad and his team to ANYONE especially those with behavior issues!!!
Micaela Myers
Micaela Myers
We are Chad and Lauren's neighbors. We see the dedication that he puts into all the dogs that he handles. It amazing to watch them and how much they learn .
Tanya Jennings
Tanya Jennings
Canine Revolution Dog Training is the BEST way to go! We went with CRDT due to the multiple programs offered, professionalism of Chad (and Chris), the follow up lessons, and the classes offered on weekends! They also have weekly videos posted on social media where Alumni can ask questions and received feedback! We love the classes since it's a great way for our dog to socialize with other dogs and people! The CRDT team is very prompt in responding to any questions or issues that arise. Go ahead and save yourself the hassle of having Canine Revolution Dog Training fix the "Other Trainer's" lack of customer care and give CRDT a call! You won't find a team that cares for you and your pet as much as they do!
Alex Paavel
Alex Paavel
Through friends and future family I was able to meet and work with Chad at Canine revolution. Our dog Hugo is phenomenal due to Chad's training. I personally will bring my future dogs to him and always recommend.
Joshua O'Donnell
Joshua O'Donnell
We are so thankful for Chad and Chris and the wonderful job they did training our Cane Corso, Hank. Our lives were so chaotic trying to manage our days with work, kids, a multi-pet household, and most of all, our out of control Hank. I had honestly given up on ever being able to walk him on a leash, have visitors over without locking him in our bedroom, or having anything delivered without making sure he was distracted in another room in his kennel. After his six weeks of training, we cannot believe the difference. It’s truly changed our lives. Hank can finally really be “a part of our family”. My three year old even said “Hank is a good doggie now!”. My kids can now play with him, the other pets can actually sit in the same room as him, and we all finally get to spend time with him, and just enjoy being around him now that he is calmer, and more well behaved. He truly seems like such a happy dog since being trained and our lives are so much less chaotic. I can’t say enough great things about what they have done for Hank, and in turn, our family as a whole.
Sarah Linden
Sarah Linden
Having Chad train my pack of house dogs has been life changing! It was always so chaotic dealing with all the logistics of going in and out for potty, walking, having people over with the four of my sweeties. Enter the board and train process with Canine Revolution Dog Training and it really is “living the dog owner’s dream”. Everything is structured and routine, and life is so much easier! With the “logistics” down pat I’m free to simply enjoy loving life with my doggies! They are orderly as I take them in and out of dogs and vehicles. They will sit in place when friends come in without rushing the door. They will walk nicely on leash, no pulling. I use the “hands-free” leash option much of the time in town environments and this is great with my arthritis and other health problems. When not in city environments but rather at home in the country I can take them for long walks without the leashes and they stay close and safe. If you haven’t had your dog off leash on a country path you need this in your life! Gus, my sweet Golden Retriever, used to run away anytime he was loose and I was Never able to let him be loose. He is dependable to walk with me off leash now and we both love our walks. Petey, my hound mix, was so scared of everything and everybody yet wild that there was no walking with her at all. She would go crazy over every squirrel or other distraction and not come when I called. I can do yard work with her keeping me company now; if she sees something to chase she looks to me and without my approval she won’t move. The Poms are a joy as I hang out inside or out, staying in place where I tell them. In the evening when I want to just rest in my chair with a book, the whole gang will stay in their “spot” so I can escape into my book without interruption. My and my pack are so happy. Thanks Chad!!
Gloria Smith
Gloria Smith
We sent our bernedoodle puppy to the 3 week advanced board and train program. We are beyond thrilled at how he is transitioning home. Chad worked with us at drop off to ensure we were comfortable with all the commands. As a family we are all working together to ensure Buster knows all he learned while he was away will continue to be the expected behavior.
Suzanne Cottone
Suzanne Cottone
5 stars isn't enough. Canine Revolution is LIFE CHANGING! Our dog Recon is a pittbull/mountain cur, and has a history of dog aggression and all around unruly behavior. After he began attacking our new pitt, I looked up dog trainers in the area, and decided to give Chad a call. He came to our house and spent nearly 2 hours getting to know Recon and discussing in depth with me how he trains. Recon took to him immediately, and after he left I knew I could trust him with my dog. Chad made room in his schedule to take Recon early, and sent me video updates throughout his training. My boy came home yesterday, and y'all, he is a new dog. Chad determined that the root of his aggression/dominance was insecurity, and he helped Recon learn to work through those feelings and make better behavioral choices. I have to state that this process has been just as much teaching me as it has been my dog. Chad has taught my family how to communicate properly with Recon, so that he understands what he needs to do. We have also learned structure, and this is important for any dog living in a domestic environment. Walking him is an enjoyable experience now. The atmosphere in our home is peaceful. Recon is no longer stressed and anxious, he is calm and happy. Chad even taught us some drills to work on with our other dog, so that he can learn too! I am beyond grateful for the dedication Chad puts into his training, there is no doubt he truly cares for dogs, and teaches them in a positive way. Ceasar's got nothing on this guy! Chad is the real deal! We are looking forward to our continuing ed classes, which are included in our training package! I mean, come on.. ya can't beat that! Call him. NOW. 😉
Angela Clark
Angela Clark
Canine Revolution Dog Training with Chad Singer, has been the best decision I made to build the relationship with my Belgian Malinois, Charlie. Prior to meeting with Chad, I was loosing my mind with Charlie. He would pull me down the road on a leash, run off anytime he had a chance, and would pace in the house after coming in from the outside kennel. We kept Charlie in a inside kennel lots of the time because he could not calm down. After Charlie went through training with Charlie he did a 180 turn around. Now Charlie is a wonderful addition to the family. Charlie now is cool come and collective after Chad taught us how to properly manage his energy (very high endurance dog), keep him accountable for his obedience, and keep up with his training. Now Charlie goes places with us as a family, plays with the kids in the yard, and goes on walks, as well as bike rides off leash. Chad helped our family and Charlie more than I could have ever imagined. Chad's training is worth every penny! If you are having any issues with your dog Chad Singer is your Man!!! Chad is wonderful at keeping you up to date with progress with you dogs training and great at keeping up with the follow up visits. Most important listen to Chad and follow all his instructions when you get your 4 legged family member back!! I have posted videos before and after videos of Charlie on Chad's Facebook page.New Post (same email) Different family member!!My name is Ella Rogers and my daughter, Joan Rogers bought a Belgian Malinois, named Charlie. Joan has written a previous review, however, I wanted to add to hers with my relationship with Charlie before and after training from Canine Revolution Dog Training with Chad Singer. Prior to training, I wanted ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with him unless I had to until Joan came home from work. I am retired and stay home. Joan wanted Charlie to be an inside dog, however, she purchased a kennel for outside, so I only had to deal with Charlie on a need to basis until she came home from work. Once she came home and after exercising him, she would keep Charlie in an inside kennel, until I went to bed (which is very early). Joan decided the best option was to send Charlie to be trained for the benefit of the whole family. After speaking with several trainers, Joan selected Chad to be the best fit. I will be honest, I thought the training was a bit pricey. However, it was Joan’s dog and money. Now, after 3 weeks for the Advance Training Plan with Chad, all I can say it was the best decision and worth EVERY penny. Not only did he build Joan and Dalila’s (my granddaughter) relationship with Charlie, Chad gave me have a relationship with Charlie. I LOVE Charlie now!!!!!!! He has become my best buddy and companion during the day. Charlie is a joy to be around and I enjoy my days with him keeping me company. I miss him when Joan takes him places and I even take him places myself. Charlie has not once been in the outside kennel or inside kennel from the first day he came back from training with Chad. Again, Chad has not only changed Joan and Dalila’s life, but mine the MOST!!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Chad Singer with Canine Revolution Training to EVERYONE who needs to build their relationship with their dog!!! Chad has a magic touch with dogs! I must also recommend that not if, but WHEN you pick Chad to be your trainer, listen to all his advice. We have kept up with all Chad’s training lessons and advice, because it has been the best thing we could have ever done with Charlie. Thank you, Chad, for giving me a relationship with Charlie.
Joan Rogers
Joan Rogers
Canine Revolution is amazing. My wife and I used Chad after researching several dog training programs for our little boy Scout. From the beginning Chad made us feel like family and you could see the passion he has for animals. He ensures that not only is your pup well prepared after graduating but that you are as well. His follow-up sessions and group classes are fanatic to continue building the pack leadership skills. Scout and I can't thank Chad and his family enough and are happy to be called CRDT alumni!
Matt Lacy
Matt Lacy
Chad is the best. Made me feel comfortable knowing that he would take care of my baby and teach my puppy everything she needed to be a great companion.
Chrystal Thompson
Chrystal Thompson
If you’re looking to live the dream life with your dog, then you need to get in touch with CRDT today. It is the best investment that I have made for my beloved pup, Rosie. I researched many different training programs in the low country before I decided to give Chad a call, and I’m so happy that I did! His kind spirit, hard work ethic and passion for animals are only a few things that make him an amazing trainer. I can’t thank CRDT enough for giving me the leadership skills to live an amazing stress free life with my girl. We are honored to be apart of the CRDT alumni!
Christa Thomason
Christa Thomason


What kind of training methods do you use?

We train in a balanced, rewards-based dog training system.  What this means is that we are going to teach your dog through rewards.  Most commonly we will use food rewards to build focus and engagement and teach the dog obedience behaviors.  Once the dog fully understands the expected behaviors, we will then begin to randomize rewards and begin to hold the dog accountable for disobedience with a leash.  Once a dog understands accountability with a leash, we will then condition the dog to a remote collar which allows you to control your dog’s behavior from a distance or off-leash.  After the dog has a full understanding of reward and accountability, we will proof all training through distraction work by taking them to a wide variety of places (hardware store, park, restaurant, coffee shop, farmer’s market, beach, etc) and ensure they understand the training even with distractions present.

Where will my dog stay during training?

All dogs enrolled in a training program will stay at our Lead Trainer’s home for the duration of training.  He has converted an entire area of the home for dog’s to remain at.  Your dog will be fed twice a day (unless special dieting requires more or less feeding), exercised a minimum of twice per day, and be trained throughout the day.  Anytime the Lead Trainer, other trainers, or caretakers are not present, or the Lead Trainer is asleep at night, your dog will remain in a kennel.  Dogs that have had previous bad experiences with kennels are rehabilitated to view the kennel as a good place to be.

Do you use electronic collars in your training?

We do not believe that a remote collar (electronic collar) should be the “backbone” of any training system, however it is an extremely valuable training tool that we can utilize.  Once a dog is taught all expectations and obedience work we will condition them to a remote collar.  This is because we consider the remote collar to be your “invisible leash”, meaning you will be able to influence and control your dog’s behavior with a remote collar off-leash or from a distance.  The sensation from a remote collar is very similar to a TENS unit, however it is something that our dogs have never experienced before so it can be surprising to them.  We have an extremely thorough process to teach the dog what the sensation from the remote collar means and how to respond to it that the dog clearly understands.  We DO NOT endorse the use of remote collars without thorough and appropriate conditioning for the individual dog.  Remote collar conditioning should only take place after the proper relationship building, teaching of expectations, and training have occurred.

How much do your services cost?

We have a wide variety of training services and programs available.  All of our board & train programs vary in pricing depending on the length of training and are paid in two payments.  Our behavior modification and rehabilitation services depend on the level of rehabilitation required (determined at consultation) and are added to a board & train program.  Our specialty training is typically conducted in a “private lesson” format and priced depending on the amount of work required for the particular dog with the selected specialty program.  Seminars and clinics depend on the topic and number of attendees in the event.  We do offer services outside of the lowcountry area however we do charge for mileage and travel operating costs for travel requirements.  Contact us to discuss particular fees for your situation and desires.

Do you offer Group Classes?

We offer group classes for all alumni who have graduated from one of our board & train programs so that we can continue to support the relationship they have with their dog.  We do not offer group classes for non-alumni.  If there is a group of friends who would like to train together, we can set up a seminar and / or clinic, or a series of them, to help them work with their dogs.  This will be dependent on the individual dogs in the group, some dogs are not compatible for this type of teaching environment.

My dog has already mastered all obedience commands / behaviors. Do you offer a lower rate to only treat anxiety / insecurity / etc.?

If your dog has already mastered all obedience commands / behaviors, you must be able to demonstrate this on a level that is equal to the obedience that we train.  We typically ask to meet with you in a distracting environment such as a market, hardware store, outlet mall, park, etc.  Your dog must be able to demonstrate the following obedience behaviors:

-Heel (left side of body)

-Stay (Down position) for 20 minutes with varying distances between dog and owner

-Recall from a minimum of 15 yards away

If your dog can demonstrate these obedience behaviors, we will evaluate your dog and can provide a lower rate to treat specific undesirable behaviors.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discounts for active duty, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and for multiple dogs being trained.

Do you have a wait list?

We typically have a two month or greater wait list.  In order to reserve a training spot we require a signed contract.  We can either email a contract to you upon request or bring one with us to a free in-home consultation at your house.

My dog has bitten 9 people, my friends say I should euthanize him. Do you think you can train him?

There is no need to euthanize your dog, we have rehabilitated many dogs that had a biting history and have yet to encounter a dog that could not be trained or rehabilitated.  The process to achieve rehabilitation is not easy, we must change the dog’s association of the cause for biting.  We do this through a proven process that follows this progression: build trust, build engagement and focus, teach obedience behaviors, socialization, proof all behaviors in distraction work.  Once your dog has completed training and returns home, you must maintain your dog’s training, but we will be here to support you every step of the way through training sessions, follow-up sessions, our alumni online resource, facebook alumni community group, alumni group classes, and you can always call, text, or email us.  What maintenance of training entails on a daily basis is physical exercise and daily obedience practice as well as maintaining the provided structure and boundaries.  We also recommend that you perform socialization and distraction work at least twice per month, which can be done by attending our free alumni group classes.


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