We are so thankful for Chad and Chris and the wonderful job they did training our Cane Corso, Hank. Our lives were so chaotic trying to manage our days with work, kids, a multi-pet household, and most of all, our out of control Hank. I had honestly given up on ever being able to walk him on a leash, have visitors over without locking him in our bedroom, or having anything delivered without making sure he was distracted in another room in his kennel. After his six weeks of training, we cannot believe the difference. It’s truly changed our lives. Hank can finally really be “a part of our family”. My three year old even said “Hank is a good doggie now!”. My kids can now play with him, the other pets can actually sit in the same room as him, and we all finally get to spend time with him, and just enjoy being around him now that he is calmer, and more well behaved. He truly seems like such a happy dog since being trained and our lives are so much less chaotic. I can’t say enough great things about what they have done for Hank, and in turn, our family as a whole.

Sarah Linden

Canine Revolution is amazing. My wife and I used Chad after researching several dog training programs for our little boy Scout. From the beginning Chad made us feel like family and you could see the passion he has for animals. He ensures that not only is your pup well prepared after graduating but that you are as well. His follow-up sessions and group classes are fanatic to continue building the pack leadership skills. Scout and I can’t thank Chad and his family enough and are happy to be called CRDT alumni!

Matt Lacy

Chad is the best. Made me feel comfortable knowing that he would take care of my baby and teach my puppy everything she needed to be a great companion.

Chrystal Thompson

Having Chad train my pack of house dogs has been life changing! It was always so chaotic dealing with all the logistics of going in and out for potty, walking, having people over with the four of my sweeties. Enter the board and train process with Canine Revolution Dog Training and it really is “living the dog owner’s dream”. Everything is structured and routine, and life is so much easier! With the “logistics” down pat I’m free to simply enjoy loving life with my doggies! They are orderly as I take them in and out of dogs and vehicles. They will sit in place when friends come in without rushing the door. They will walk nicely on leash, no pulling. I use the “hands-free” leash option much of the time in town environments and this is great with my arthritis and other health problems. When not in city environments but rather at home in the country I can take them for long walks without the leashes and they stay close and safe. If you haven’t had your dog off leash on a country path you need this in your life! Gus, my sweet Golden Retriever, used to run away anytime he was loose and I was Never able to let him be loose. He is dependable to walk with me off leash now and we both love our walks. Petey, my hound mix, was so scared of everything and everybody yet wild that there was no walking with her at all. She would go crazy over every squirrel or other distraction and not come when I called. I can do yard work with her keeping me company now; if she sees something to chase she looks to me and without my approval she won’t move. The Poms are a joy as I hang out inside or out, staying in place where I tell them. In the evening when I want to just rest in my chair with a book, the whole gang will stay in their “spot” so I can escape into my book without interruption. My and my pack are so happy. Thanks Chad!!

Gloria Smith

We sent our bernedoodle puppy to the 3 week advanced board and train program. We are beyond thrilled at how he is transitioning home. Chad worked with us at drop off to ensure we were comfortable with all the commands. As a family we are all working together to ensure Buster knows all he learned while he was away will continue to be the expected behavior..

Suzanne Cottone

5 stars isn’t enough. Canine Revolution is LIFE CHANGING! Our dog Recon is a pittbull/mountain cur, and has a history of dog aggression and all around unruly behavior. After he began attacking our new pitt, I looked up dog trainers in the area, and decided to give Chad a call. He came to our house and spent nearly 2 hours getting to know Recon and discussing in depth with me how he trains. Recon took to him immediately, and after he left I knew I could trust him with my dog. Chad made room in his schedule to take Recon early, and sent me video updates throughout his training. My boy came home yesterday, and y’all, he is a new dog. Chad determined that the root of his aggression/dominance was insecurity, and he helped Recon learn to work through those feelings and make better behavioral choices. I have to state that this process has been just as much teaching me as it has been my dog. Chad has taught my family how to communicate properly with Recon, so that he understands what he needs to do. We have also learned structure, and this is important for any dog living in a domestic environment. Walking him is an enjoyable experience now. The atmosphere in our home is peaceful. Recon is no longer stressed and anxious, he is calm and happy. Chad even taught us some drills to work on with our other dog, so that he can learn too! I am beyond grateful for the dedication Chad puts into his training, there is no doubt he truly cares for dogs, and teaches them in a positive way. Ceasar’s got nothing on this guy! Chad is the real deal! We are looking forward to our continuing ed classes, which are included in our training package! I mean, come on.. ya can’t beat that! Call him. NOW.

Angela Clark